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How You Can Change the World

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Truth exists—and you can know it!

 God is real—and he wants to know you!

 There’s a battle going on out there— are you ready to fight it?

 Because you have the power to change the World!

How You Can Change the World delivers a rousing call to Catholic young people and gives them the tools they need to stand up to the threats they face, including:

  • Relativism
  • Atheism
  • The idea that religion has no place in the public square
  • Non-Catholic sects
  • Sexual immorality
  • Apathy and indifference

If you know any young people, you know that these threats are among the most pressing they face today.

How You Can Change the World dispatches each of these and shows young people the task that lies before them—the task of transforming the world in Christ.

It tells them the practical things they can do to make a difference, and it tells them where they can get the resources they need to do the job.